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Yay! I Won a Blogging Contest

One day I’m just a list-making nerd and the next day I’m the winner of a blogging award because of my compulsive habit! Yay!

I wish I would have known I was in the running sooner or else I would have asked you all to vote for me. But I only found out that I was nominated for the “CBS New York’s Most Valuable Blogger Awards,” the day after the voting ended!

But it turns out — it didn’t matter!  I won the editor’s choice for “New York’s Most Valuable Blog” in the “everything else” category.

Oh — and I think I get a prize along with this prestigious title.  I’m not sure what it is yet — but I’m hoping its something in the “A Christmas Story” leg lamp variety!

It’s a great time to say thank you to everyone reading this — for checking back day after day for my checklists and lists. Thank you from the bottom of my little blogging heart!

Back to Work Checklist

You know it’s “back to school” time when Target is selling Halloween decorations! So as the kiddies head off to class this week — it’s time to get back to work yourself! Summer months are slow and laid back in any industry. The news happens year round so I guess we’re a bit exempt from this rule –but nevertheless things still start to ease during the summer.

Here’s a checklist for taking that “fresh start” back to school attitude with you to the office today:

1. Get Inspired: Sometimes this is a tough one especially when you’ve been doing the same job for years. But I know you can do it! Check out the competition, read some industry magazines, google some interesting stuff, talk to your colleagues and get amped up about the next best thing! If that doesn’t work – do something you love and hopefully the ideas will soon follow. Read more

Get Ready for 30 Days of List Writing

I don’t need an excuse to make a list. I make a list about just about anything. But in September for 30 days straight someone will tell me what lists to make! I’ve joined a challenge called “30 Days of Lists” and I think it will be a lot of fun! It starts on September 1st and you’re still able to pre-register.

Every day for 30 days a list prompt will be sent out and participants can make their list however way they’d like. It can be high-tech or low-tech, simple or complicated, colorful or black and white. Then everyone shares them. The prompts will range from celebrity crushes to bucket lists. By the end of the month you’ll have a snapshot of what’s going on in your life right now.

There will also be contests and tutorials about lots of fun things like photography and crafts. I’m even participating by organizing a tutorial about “How to Make an Effective Pros and Cons List.”

Hope you’ll join me for lots of list making!