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6 Ways to Get Better Customer Service

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Sometimes New Yorkers do live up to the “they are so rude” stereotype and usually I can let it roll off my back. But sometimes it’s really irritating — especially when I’m paying for a service or asking for help in a store. Well guess what — there are ways to ensure that you won’t have to deal with such “service” again — in this town or any other! My guest blogger today is my best friend Danielle Freni who has started a Customer Service Revolution. Of which I gladly ride on the coattails of so I can get free drinks, better service and more bang for my buck! Now you can too. Read more

Where’d I Put That Metrocard?

I’m sure this has happened to you at least once — you are running for the subway and realize you can’t find your metrocard.  It’s happened to all of us.  Or you realize that you don’t have enough money left on the card for a ride and the train goes whizzing by you.  Yep — it’s unfortunate and avoidable.

Metrocard Overload

This very thing happened when I was with my friend Danielle recently — she was searching and searching for a card with $2.25 for a one-way trip on the NYC subway.  She found 7 cards total — none of them had enough on them.  We missed our train. I always keep my metrocard in the exact same place so I don’t lose it.  But not Danielle…sigh. Read more

The Customer is Always Right!

Just the other day my friend Danielle and I went to brunch at Spoon in NYC and it was delicious! I had yummy baked eggs in a skillet and a spicy Bloody Mary. I would recommend it if you’re in New York.  Anyway — we checked in using Foursquare to see if there were any deals.  In fact, there was a discount of $10 off when you spend $10! Score! Or so we thought… Read more