Topping Everyone’s Bucket List Is….

A few weeks ago I teamed up with to do a Bucket list contest. Now the results from the competition are in! The winner of the contest has been notified but the fun doesn’t stop there.  I wanted to share the top ten items from everyone’s list:

Bucket List Results

So what do you think? Are these items on your bucket list too? To help your goals become a reality I recommend starting with a vision board.

It’s helpful to think about what you want from the upcoming year and specific goals you have in mind. I included Venice on my vision board last year and I got to go there in March. So start planning to make your bucket list dreams come to life in 2015!

30 Date-Night Ideas

Holding hands.

Holding hands. (Photo credit: Imperfect Perfections)

I get it. I’ve been married for almost five years. Sometimes it is easy to fall into the same routine weekend after weekend. Date night should be fun, but not everyone can afford to spend money each week going out and it can be difficult to get creative.

Try some options on this list for date night ideas to shake things up and have a fabulous weekend you’ll want to talk about on Monday! Happy Weekend! Read more