30 Date-Night Ideas

Holding hands.

Holding hands. (Photo credit: Imperfect Perfections)

I get it. I’ve been married for almost five years. Sometimes it is easy to fall into the same routine weekend after weekend. Date night should be fun, but not everyone can afford to spend money each week going out and it can be difficult to get creative.

Try some options on this list for date night ideas to shake things up and have a fabulous weekend you’ll want to talk about on Monday! Happy Weekend!

1. Recreate your first date

2. Go to the planetarium

3. Listen to a live cover band of your favorite music

4. Attend a live theater performance

5. Find a local book reading

6. Go to a wine tasting class or a brewery tour

7. Take a cooking class in a cuisine you’ve never tried

8. Participate in a Murder Mystery dinner

9. Attend happy hour at a bar you’ve never been to

10. Live sporting event

11. Go to a yoga class

12. Go to a public event at a local college

13. Go for a couples massage

14. Do a local walking history tour

15. Take a food tasting tour

16. Go ice skating or hiking, depending on the weather

17. Visit a comedy club or improv show

18. Double date with friends

19. Go thrift shopping (and go to dinner in your new outfits!)

20. Test-drive a sports car

21. Take a dance class

22. Go to a casino

23. Learn a new skill (like painting or DJing)

24. Have a “spa night” in your home bathroom

25. Get your photo taken by a professional

26. Go to a psychic (such as going to a Psychic Reading USA)

27. Have a board game marathon

28. Go to brunch

29. Take a hot-air balloon ride

30. Go bowling

Have a fun weekend with someone you love!


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