How to get “Unstuck”

You know when you have a really difficult decision to make or a project to start and you just can’t seem to get it? Procrastination can be a debilitating thing and leave you stuck for too long. I recently got turned on to a life-changing (and free!) app called “Unstuck.” This amazing iPad app is like having a life coach in the palm of your hand! It can help:

  • set goals and make plans
  • make decisions
  • get help overcoming obstacles
  • deal with major changes
  • find motivation

The app first “diagnoses” your type of stuck by asking a series of targeted questions, such as asking you to choose three emotions you are experiencing at that moment and ranking how intensely you are feeling that emotion. You tell the app how you’re feeling, who is involved, and whether your issue is personal, professional, or both. Then the app presents you with a series of thoughts and asks you to sort them between the ones that are “So You” and “Not You.”

Once your type of stuck has been diagnosed, you are presented with possible solutions. Recently I was dealing with a major change and tried the app to get a new perspective on my situation. When the app diagnosed my stuck, I discovered that I had been operating on instinct, making it difficult to always make things work in a foolproof way, and instead of ad-libbing I needed to start preparing!

I felt better already! Then I noticed the app also generates tips to help get you “Unstuck” and mine included a list! Here is a checklist for your next plan, courtesy of “Unstuck”:

  • Set a goal: Where are you going?
  • Figure out your stakeholders: Who has interest in your success?
  • Budget your resources: Figure out the money, people, and equipment required to achieve your goal.
  • Roles and responsibilities: Know who is responsible for what.
  • Communicate: Develop a system for sharing information.
  • Create a timeframe: aka deadlines for each step you take to achieve your goal.
  • Check back: Make sure it’s done right!

With more than 50 ways to help you solve tough problems, this app is perfect for getting you Unstuck. It’s really not enough to say “start writing book” – you need to lay out actionable tasks and this app really helps you to do that.


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