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Secrets from Productivity Nerds


I’m a proud productivity nerd. I can’t help it — it’s who I am and I embrace it. I make lists and get a real sense of joy from crossing off items. But it’s those lists that help me to stay on track and be productive. I’m not alone in this compulsive habit but there are other tactics for getting more done.

I was lucky enough to share some of my own tips with WomansDay.com for the article “8 Habits of Highly Productive People.” Check out the article for some other fabulous secrets from some very knowledgeable experts.

One of my favorites is to snack!  That’s right — eating will increase your productivity.  I’ve never thought of it really but I’m useless unless I’ve eaten. It totally affects my mind.  I’m very regular when it comes to my eating habits – I eat three meals and have two snacks during the day.  If I don’t — my day is totally thrown off.  Ask my co-workers…they know when I haven’t had my snacks!  haha! Making sure you eat regularly is a very easy way to stay productive.  Give it a try and take a look at some of the other great ideas in the article.

These Lists are Shortcuts for Life

I’m all for shortcuts — that’s why I make so many lists about whatever task I’m working on.  Whether it be looking for an apartment or finding a new restaurant I like to work things out on paper and give myself a cheat sheet.  I’ve written about my new favorite source for cheat sheets called SkinnyScoop.com.  It’s a great website that gives visitors the “skinny” on all sorts of topics to make life easier.

I’ve compiled a couple of lists for the site about how to be more productive and the best websites for planning a vacation.  It’s great fun to make lists using their software and to read some of the others on the site.  You can comment on and add to any list you like. It’s a nice way to interact and find shortcuts for just about anything.  You’ll find ways to declutter, the best subscription websites, amazing dessert recipes, etc.

I’m honored to be named as one of the SkinnyScoop Tastemakers.  That means that I’m part of a group of 9 women who will actively contribute to the site and offer our expertise in our various fields.  So I’ll be making lists about making lists! Perfect — I can do that!  I hope you’ll check out the site, upload your own lists and read through some of mine and the other Tastemaker’s lists.

10 Ways to Create Free Time Out of Thin Air

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Everyone I talk to complains about not having enough time for everything they want to do. What would you do with that time? Get more work done, write a blog, take a wine-tasting class, staring at the sky, sleep?

Whatever you decide to do with your new-found time…my guest blogger Dr. Shannon Reece says it’s possible! Dr. Reece trains women entrepreneurs to use their strengths to create successful businesses.

Creating Free Time Out of Thin Air

by Dr. Shannon Reece

Our lives are busy! You may be thinking that’s the understatement of the decade, as you try to read this post, while attending to three other things at the same time. But part of the reason our lives have become overwhelmingly full is because we have lost sight of the things that matter the most. Easy to do, amidst the noise and clutter you have to filter each day.

If you stop for a moment to think Read more

iPad App Compiles All Kinds of Lists

I found the coolest iPad app the other day.  It’s called Time Populist and it’s an amazing time killer for pop culture lovers…and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

It’s broken up into categories: movies, books, music, TV, games and you can even make your own lists!  It contains a photo view of lists like the “Top Books You Were Forced To Read in School,” or the “Top 10 Terrible TV Moms.”

You could literally spend hours flipping through all the fun lists they’ve compiled. It’s my new guilty pleasure.  I’m always giving you tips on ways to be more productive…this isn’t one of them.  I’ll admit it can be a time suck BUT having a little fun and relaxing should always have a place on your to-do list.  Happy flipping!