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Why I’m Being Anti-Social This December

person-731467_640I’m always up for going to networking events, but recently I’ve found myself going to a lot of them and I’m getting burned out. I’m tired, cranky and forgetting things.  It’s not my style.

Just last week I went to see The Color Purple on Broadway (with Jennifer Hudson!) with friends from a networking group. There was a problem with the seating and I ended up sitting away from everyone. I was a bit bummed at first to be isolated from the group but the most unexpected thing happened.  After spending two hours on my own, I realized how little time I’ve spent by myself lately and I loved it!   Read more

I’m Moving…Come With Me!

aweber_logoBig news over here at ListProducer.com.  I’m switching email servers.  Nerd Alert!!  haha

It’s not really that complicated though. Email servers help me keep the readers of this blog up to date with all my lastest news and posts.

My previous email server worked fine when I didn’t have as many subscribers, but now the site is getting bigger it’s time for a shake up!

I’ve been making small changes to the site over the past few months to help you get more out of your lists and switching to AWeber will help me do that.

This latest move means you’ll need to resubscribe to receive emails from me.  

So I would love you to write down “Resubscribe to Paula’s email list” on your to-do list right now!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Look out for another email from AWeber saying it’s time to re-subscribe to my email list.  
  2. Click the link in that email and re-subscribe.

Easy, right?  

But wait…there’s more!

As an added bonus I’m also offering a FREE copy of my ebook ‘50 Ways To Get More Done’ to everyone who re-subscribes.

The ebook features all my top productivity tips to help you get the most out of your time.

I recently posted about Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and about the importance of holding onto things that bring you joy.

So don’t let ListProducer.com or my productivity tips slip through the cracks!

To continue receiving all the latest tips on productivity and lists please click the link from AWeber.


I’ve Never Had So Much Fun Cleaning Out My Closet


My closet before!

I truly believe I’ve found my spirit animal — it’s Marie Kondo.

I’ve written before about her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. But this week I finally got around to listening to the entire audiobook and I have to admit I’m a convert (mostly.)

Now I understand why she’s such a rockstar in Japan and why there is a waiting list to work with her!

In her book, Marie explains that she started “tidying” when she was 5 years old. Like a classic middle child she did it to get attention and praise from her parents. Since then, for Marie, tidying has become a celebration. She even dresses up for the event.

Marie says everything you own wants to be of use to you. Isn’t that such a nice way of thinking about it? That was a huge mindset switch for me. Read more