Why I’m Being Anti-Social This December

person-731467_640I’m always up for going to networking events, but recently I’ve found myself going to a lot of them and I’m getting burned out. I’m tired, cranky and forgetting things.  It’s not my style.

Just last week I went to see The Color Purple on Broadway (with Jennifer Hudson!) with friends from a networking group. There was a problem with the seating and I ended up sitting away from everyone. I was a bit bummed at first to be isolated from the group but the most unexpected thing happened.  After spending two hours on my own, I realized how little time I’ve spent by myself lately and I loved it!  

The show was fantastic, but it was so nice to have no pressure to have to chat with someone else or answer “what I’m working on” for the millionth time this year.  

If one of you told me this story, I would recommend that you take a break from events for a while and recharge.  But here’s the thing – I’m terrible at taking my own advice!   

I think it comes from the mindset I’ve gotten into because I work in news. Journalist are famous for giving out advice they don’t take. Think of all the weather reporters outside during a storm, warning everyone to stay inside.

So I’ve often taken this approach when it comes to taking breaks. However, the more time I spend with the entrepreneur crowd, the more I realize how harmful this mindset can be not only to your productivity but to your mental and emotional well being too.  

Which is why, in December I’m going to take a break from networking and taking phone calls and meetings with new people.  Remember Marie Kondo who helped me clean out my closet with her question “does it bring you joy?” I’ve been going to so many events lately that I’m starting to feel bitter and cranky!  A few weeks of downtime will give me a chance to revive and go back to enjoying networking and continue to make some great connections.  Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves and honor what we truly want to be doing.  

If there’s something in your life that has stopped bringing you joy, maybe it’s time to join me on a mini-vacation.

If you feeling stressed at work or getting fed up with your diet – why not treat yourself to a break this December?  What do you need a rest from?

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  1. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey says:

    Doesn’t sound “anti-social” to me at all! We introverts who “take a break from networking and taking phone calls and meetings with new people” to recharge from time to time do sometimes get labeled “anti-social”, but we’re really just recharging. You may find you don’t even need the whole month.

    So go, recharge and come back refreshed and ready for 2016.


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