A List for Thanksgiving Efficiency!

turkey-966494_640This week you’ll be bombarded with posts about gratitude and remembering to love your friends and family and I was tempted to write one myself.  But the planner in me stopped — and decided to make a practical list instead.  

I figured it would be more efficient to share a list of ways to get through these busy days easier because everyone else would cover the other topics.  

So here’s a few posts I’ve written in the past (yes one IS about gratitude) to get you through the hectic Thanksgiving holiday:

Checklist for a Stress-Free Dinner Party – If you’re hosting this year, check out this list to make sure you’re all ready for your guests!

Thanksgiving To Do Lists – Not sure what to do with your day off? Here are some quick ideas to help you get the most out of the day.

Make a Gratitude List – It’s the time of year to remind yourself of everything you have to be thankful for. Every time I make a gratitude list I’m reminded of how lucky I am!

Whip Up Some Cocktails – Try some of Mindy Kobrin’s fantastic cocktails. Or if you’re feeling lazy you can get cocktails delivered directly to your door!

Get Ahead On Your Holiday Shopping – If you’ve got some free time why not get your holiday shopping out the way? You’ll save yourself some stress and hassle down the road!

Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love!

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