The Productivity Question I Always Get Asked

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A couple weeks ago I had a book signing for my new book, Listful Living: A List-Making Journey to a Less Stressed You. It was a great event and you can check out this video right here for a look at what it was like and hear from readers of the book about what they loved most! A big shout out to Micah Joel for shooting and editing this great video! 

My favorite part of book signings is always the Q&A. 

It gives me a chance to find out what listmakers are worrying about!

A great question that was brought up was what to do when you’re saying yes too much?  Read more

Resist Your Inner Pack Rat and Clear Clutter

Cluttered shed

Cluttered shed (Photo credit: UnnarYmir)

I have a confession to make. I’m somewhat of a pack rat. I like to keep things in case I need them. But I really needed to strike back this weekend. I’ve been irritated and borderline obsessed with the clutter that was living in my desk drawer at home. It was filled with lots of papers and things I didn’t need and lots and lots of power cords. Saying this though, there are many people out there that are worse hoarders than I am. For some it can be so bad, that they have to look into something like Pest Control Des Moines in order to get rid of any pests that have been living amongst the mess. That is disgusting. Imagine thinking that you’re keeping these items just in case you may need them, but turns out you get new guests living with you instead. I don’t know what I would do. This is one reason as to why I feel like I need to de-clutter.

There are chargers for 4 iPhones, a Blackberry, a MacBook, an iPad Mini, an iPad keyboard case and some wireless speakers — I can’t take it! I’ve been researching ways to tame the power cords and got exhausted. A friend of mine told me about a storage company similar to this storage san francisco facility, but I wasn’t sure if that would fit my needs. So I decided that plain old rubber bands were going to help me. I twirled and fastened every last one of them and now the drawer opens easily and doesn’t drive me nuts. It’s a win win, really. Read more