Resist Your Inner Pack Rat and Clear Clutter

Cluttered shed

Cluttered shed (Photo credit: UnnarYmir)

I have a confession to make. I’m somewhat of a pack rat. I like to keep things in case I need them. But I really needed to strike back this weekend. I’ve been irritated and borderline obsessed with the clutter that was living in my desk drawer at home. It was filled with lots of papers and things I didn’t need and lots and lots of power cords.

There are chargers for 4 iPhones, a Blackberry, a MacBook, an iPad Mini, an iPad keyboard case and some wireless speakers — I can’t take it! I’ve been researching ways to tame the power cords and got exhausted.

Recently I introduced you to professional organizer and author of “Unstuff Your Life,” Andrew Mellen. I met Andrew at the BlogHer conference in Chicago and I learned so much from our session. I wanted to share some of his wisdom with you so hopefully you can live with less clutter around you and be more productive. A recent UCLA study found that women who were near clutter had an increase in blood pressure — I don’t want that happening to you — so listen up.

Andrew has rules for everything — which I love.

Rules of Organization

1. One home for everything (Always put your cell phone in the same spot! Always. Can have one “spot” in every room but stick to it!)

2. Keep similar things together (This goes for office supplies, clothes, jewelry, books or just about anything. That way you can find anything in 30 seconds or less!)

3. Something IN and something OUT (Yep — it’s hard but he’s right. When you get something, get rid of something else).
I’m going to start taking these rules more seriously and getting that clutter out of my life!!!

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