Simple Solution for Gift Giving

Today Jay and I are loading up the car and heading upstate for our friend’s wedding. It’s going to be at a gorgeous place called Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY. Ok – so it’s not really upstate but if you live in NYC everything north of Westchester is upstate. It’s going to be a gorgeous and relaxing get away and we’ll get to celebrate with some of our dearest friends.

This weekend is also my best friend Danielle’s 30th birthday. So between this wedding and Danielle’s milestone – I have gifts on the brain. You know me – I’ve already had their gifts covered for weeks. Another reason why you should start your holiday shopping immediately – you won’t stress when the time comes!

I stumbled across a website that really interested me and I think it could help a lot of people become more organized and get the gifts they want! It’s called and it works just like a wedding or baby registry. So you put in all the stuff you want but you aren’t tied down to just one store. You can add items from literally everywhere. How cool is that?

Another great thing is that individuals can set up accounts as well. So you could set up a registry for a housewarming, birthday, graduation, holidays, etc. Its not just about couples and babies! So you can get what you’ve always wanted and needed – even if you’re single.

Ok so I’m sure etiquette mavens are gasping at the idea of asking for gifts. And ordinarily I would be doing the same thing. Except this idea saves you time and money. If my friends just tell me what they want for their birthday then everyone wins! I get a gift, I don’t waste time going from store to store to find something and my friend gets something she wants! Win – win. I think it’s a brilliant idea.


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