How Not To Be Bored

I’m almost never bored. I can always find something to do.  Not because I’m a super busy person (some days I am) but because I like doing a lot of things.  I have a lot of hobbies and I hardly ever tire of doing the laundry list of things that I enjoy doing:

  1. Drink Tea
  2. Watch the Golden Girls
  3. Eat Guacamole
  4. Write Blogs
  5. Connect with Friends
  6. Call My Mom
  7. Watch Oprah
  8. Paint My Nails
  9. Drink Pinot Grigio
  10. Read Magazines
  11. Read Anything on my Kindle
  12. Make Lists
  13. Watch Chick Flicks
  14. Writing Emails
  15. Go to the Movies
  16. Watch Food Network
  17. Try Making Something I Saw on Food Network
  18. Lounge around in my PJs with Jay

The list goes on and on for me…so I can’t really understand when people say they are bored.  Jay is notorious for doing this.  He almost always says he is bored when he has a day off.  It drives me a little nuts because I just don’t get it. Growing up — when my brother would say he was mother would respond, “well you must be a boring person.”  Zing!

But actually I think my mom might have been on to something.  I don’t think Jay is a boring person — but I do think that always having something to do takes great effort.  I like doing all the things on my list — yes.  But I could just as easily sit around and “be bored.”  I just choose not to.

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  1. Laura DeAngelis
    Laura DeAngelis says:

    It’s great that you find joy in so many things, especially a good glass of wine or a great episode of the Golden Girls! Thanks for giving me some ideas of things to enjoy such a dreary day.


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