Madonna is a List Maker Too


Madonna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was in Paris this summer — there were reports that Madonna was staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel.  So me, my friends and hubby did what any sensible traveler would do — we stood in the rain outside the hotel hoping to get a glimpse.  That never happened. Oh well — thanks to my hubby Jay I will be going to see her perform live tonight at Yankee Stadium! Yay!

Madonna Makes Lists

But the real reason for this post — is that Madonna is just like you and me — she’s a list maker! Yep — it’s true.  There have been several reports of her listing away in her limo while trekking off to events and concerts.

There’s even this to-do list that I found on my new favorite site “Lists of Note” — check it out — it’s a list she wrote in the 1990s:

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