Apps that Save You Time

Musee d'Orsay Clock

Musee d’Orsay Clock (Photo credit: PatrickS)

I’m all about shortcuts and saving time, which is why I absolutely love apps.  My co-workers and friends are always asking me which apps I like the best.  Here’s a bunch that I put together using a list generator.  Please add the ones that you’ve found that help you be more productive!

List for Cleaning Up Your DVR Recordings

For a person who works in television — I watch relatively little of it.  There are some shows that I won’t miss like “Modern Family” or “The Office” but for the most part — my DVR is filled with fluff that I may or may not ever actually watch.  Do you have the same problem?

I’ve decided it’s almost like junk mail.  I hang on to some shows that take up precious real estate in the DVR “just in case.”  So I just went through and deleted a bunch of shows I’ll never watch and cleaned up the scheduled recordings also.  Here’s a list so you can do the same:

1.  Go through your current saved recordings and one by one decide if you care if you didn’t watch that show.  Be honest.

2.  Delete the ones you won’t watch.

3.  Now go to your schedule series recordings and scroll through all the shows you’ve set to record whenever they are on.  (Mine include The Newsroom, Giada at Home and Oprah’s Next Chapter.)  Decide if these are worth keeping or if you constantly delete these recordings when they pop up.

4.  Repeat.  (You probably weren’t honest the first time.)

5.  Feel better about having less clutter in your DVR inbox!

What I Will Never Forget

I was a senior at Hofstra University and that morning — I was getting ready in my dorm room for my magazine-writing class.  It wasn’t my favorite class because I was a TV writer even back then…and I thought I could say more with fewer words. My professor didn’t agree.

Anyway — every morning I would eat breakfast while watching Regis and Kelly — their show was broken into by a news alert on this morning.  The anchor said a plane had gone into the World Trade Center.  I called my parents, who are also news junkies, because I knew they would be watching.

We thought it was an accident.  While finishing up college I was also working full-time as a news writer at WLNY-TV55 on Long Island for their 11pm newscast.  In the last few weeks I had done a few stories about “stunts gone wrong” — like this guy who parachuted and accidentally landed on the Statue of Liberty.  I thought this might be a similar antic…until the second plane hit. Read more

Toss or Keep Your Lists?

It’s always so interesting for me to hear how other people manage their to-do lists.  For instance — I thought everyone kept their lists after crossing everything off — just like I do.  Apparently that’s not the case.  A lot of people toss their lists as soon as they’re done!

I Keep All My Lists!

For me — I like to keep all my work to-dos in Steno pads and keep them in my desk.  Each day before I leave work I write a new list for the following day.  I run through the next day in my head and list out every phone call, followup email, meeting and shoot I need to take care of the next day.  But even when I fill up the pad — I keep it in my desk…just in case.

Sometimes I have to refer back to a note I made on a page or remember what I was doing on a particular day.  I just like to have a record of my life — even if it’s a scratched out, doodled on version.  Apparently so does Karen Rizzo (no relation) — as she told her memoir, “Things to Bring, S#!t To Do” entirely in lists!

Many People Toss Them

But there are some people who throw out their Post-its the second they accomplish whatever goal they set for themselves.  I guess this is a way of physically getting the task out of your way so you can clear your head and move onto the next task.

So what about you —  toss or keep?

Madonna is a List Maker Too


Madonna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was in Paris this summer — there were reports that Madonna was staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel.  So me, my friends and hubby did what any sensible traveler would do — we stood in the rain outside the hotel hoping to get a glimpse.  That never happened. Oh well — thanks to my hubby Jay I will be going to see her perform live tonight at Yankee Stadium! Yay!

Madonna Makes Lists

But the real reason for this post — is that Madonna is just like you and me — she’s a list maker! Yep — it’s true.  There have been several reports of her listing away in her limo while trekking off to events and concerts.

There’s even this to-do list that I found on my new favorite site “Lists of Note” — check it out — it’s a list she wrote in the 1990s: