Hail a Cab From Your Phone

photoEver had trouble hailing a cab? If you’re a New Yorker…I’m talking to you.  Well, as it turns out — there’s an app for that! (Haha) Maybe you’re caught out in the rain, or carrying a ton of groceries. You’d love to grab a cab ride home, but easier said than done, right? Not anymore — with the help of Hailo, you can hail a cab from your phone!

I tried it out a few weeks ago and I have to say it was  quick and easy! All you have to do is choose a location to be picked up and the app will tell you the name of your cab driver, his phone number, and how long you’ll need to wait. You even can track where the cab is on your phone, so no need to waste time waiting outside.
I took a ride from the West Village to the East Village and got picked up in only 2 minutes! Really beats getting passed by time and time again. Or even worse running down the street flailing your arms at a cab driving hoping he saw you.  You know you’ve done this at least once!
If you want to save even more time – register for an account and pay the cab fare through the app. Then all you need to do is get in  and hop out when you’ve reached your destination. The app is available in select cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Toronto, London, Cork, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid and Tokyo). If you get the chance, try out this app to save time and avoid looking like a crazy person running after cabs on the street. 🙂
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