Join Diane Lane and Start Your Own Bucket List

Diane Lane attending the premiere of True Grit...

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Summer is the perfect season to tackle a few items on your life to-do list. Nature is in full bloom — and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be too!

In an interview with the Ladies’ Home Journal, Diane Lane revealed that she recently created a bucket list. (And it’s a total of four pages long!) Her list has a nice variety of entries, including “Building a really cool tree house” and “Do a handstand away from the wall and hold it for more than a second.”

If you want to learn another language or travel around the country – it’s never too late to begin writing your own bucket list!

Here’s a few reasons why now is the perfect time to cross some life goals off your list right now:
  • Big or small, every item has a place in your bucket list for a reason, and chances are that reason hasn’t changed. Give yourself the opportunity to have one of your dreams come true, no matter how small!
  • This is the perfect way to break yourself out of your normal routine. It’s easy to get lulled into a pattern where every week is almost the same as the last. Doing something new will give you new energy and resilience.
  • Carpe diem! The whole reason to make a bucket list is make sure you don’t miss out on anything in life. It’s time to take the sentiment to heart!
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