It’s Tax Time! Are You Ready?

Image via TaxGeeks

Image via TaxGeeks

It’s one of my least favorite subjects but I’m forcing myself to talk about it because it’s important. It’s tax season and the deadline is creeping up. I know that this is a stressful time for people, and a lot of people worry that they might be accused of having unfiled tax returns or owing back taxes.

Just do it — and get it over with! Then we can make lists of things to do with your refund!!
Here are a few ways to get your taxes in order this year:

Evernote: You know how I love it. I use it every year to organize all the expenses that I want to keep track of and everything is easy to find when it’s time. Then you can scan or email your finished return right into Evernote to keep track of for years to come. It’s really the easiest method.


ScanSnap: This is an Evernote product and it will help you scan all your receipts, business cards, documents, etc. I haven’t used it myself but it gets rave reviews. I think having something like this around would make it fun and easy to get organized and get rid of paper clutter! There is also a portable (and cheaper) version.


Slice: One of my favorite apps for keeping track of all the stuff I’ve bought and am having shipped. It’s been invaluable to me as I order more and more materials from Home Depot for the construction of our new apartment! Who can keep track of all that stuff? Slice can and will keep your receipts too.


IRS2Go: The official app for the IRS and a good place to get information on filing. If you have questions or want to check on your return, this is the place to do it.


iDonatedIt: Giving is fabulous but keeping track of every time you supported a friend’s latest run or walk can be annoying. Use this app to keep track of tax-deductible donations.


Expensify: For you business people out there this is a great app to keep track of what you spent “on the job.” All of those tax-deductible expenses in one place — perfect!


See there are some fun things associate with paying taxes — learning about new apps, products and websites to make your life easier this year and in the future!

Happy Tax Filing.

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