Easiest Way to Battle Junk Mail

Image via Parprogram

Image via Parprogram

We’ve all done it — sign up for newsletter after newsletter because we were promised a coupon code or some kind of discount.  We got the discount, got the product or service and never canceled our subscription.  No matter how many times you delete that newsletter without even looking — you are just too lazy to unsubscribe.  I get it — I’ve done it on the regular!


But now I found an amazing app that will unsubscribe for you!  All you have to do is go to Unroll.me* and it will go through your email account and locate each and every newsletter you’re signed up to receive.  Some you won’t even remember!  I figured i might have 50 or 60.  I had close to 300! EEEK!

Unroll.me lets you do two things.  1. You can “roll up” your subscriptions so they arrive in a single email instead of separate ones.  2. You can unsubscribe all together with one click.  I opted to unsubscribe from 159 newsletters. Wow!  Think of all the time I’ll save.

Unroll 1

Unroll 2


Unroll 3

Unroll 4


If you are not ready to start bulk unsubscribing with Unroll.me, I recommend implementing a daily routine dedicated to scanning messages and noting which senders to add to your future unsubscribe list.

Once you have tamed your email subscriptions, you can take your digital organization a step further with the help of automation.

I have to admit, now that I’ve opted out of these email lists, my inbox is a little lonely.  I have a separate folder for these types of emails but now when I check it, it’s not overflowing with content.  It’s much more manageable.  Having to delete all those emails daily was becoming like a second job — I’m glad to get rid of it!

*Unroll.Me makes money by learning what people stay subscribed to and what they unsubscribe from – that data is valuable and helps corporations learn what people want and what they don’t want. Your email address is NOT sold. If you’d like to keep your subscription list private you’ll need to unsubscribe manually from individual email subscriptions. If you appreciate the swiftness that you can unsubscribe from multiple sources while helping brands service customers better then Unroll.Me is for you!

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