Say Goodbye to CardMunch App

The app will be shutting down on July 11 (Photo Credit:

The app will be shutting down on July 11 (Photo Credit:

In case you didn’t hear, CardMunch, one of my favorite apps is being discontinued in July! The app allows you to scan business cards and have them synced with your contacts. When I first found out, I was disappointed.  Why does every app I love have to go away? First it happened with Astrid and then Orchestra and even Lemon!

I’ve used CardMunch for years and have recommended it to so many people. I even posted about it just a few months ago. Fortunately, CardMunch is being taken over by another app that I love, Evernote!

Transferring your contacts is super easy and Evernote even offers some cool, new features.  After scanning your cards, you can enter comments and geo-tag the location where card was scanned. LinkedIn, which owns CardMunch, is also offering two free years of Evernote’s business card scanning service if you transfer your info. I already moved mine over and I recommend you do too in order to get adjusted as soon as possible.

Here’s how to transfer your CardMunch cards to Evernote:

1.     Login to Evernote and LinkedIn from this site. If you do not already have an Evernote account, you’ll have to create one.

2.     Once you’ve logged in to both accounts, your CardMunch cards will automatically transfer to Evernote.

3.     You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation letting you know that all of your CardMunch cards have successfully transferred over. Login to your Evernote account to sync your account. Once you sync your Evernote account, your CardMunch contacts will appear in Evernote.

4.     Your CardMunch cards are then saved into Evernote as Contact Notes. I recommend downloading Evernote on all of your devices to make it accessible anywhere—you never know when you’ll end up getting a contact!

If you need more info check out Evernote’s blog and send this post along to your friends so they don’t lose their precious contacts either.

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