Waterproof Sticky Notes? (And More Gifts for Grads)


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It’s graduation season and although it’s been quite some time since my own college graduation, I still get excited. Thousands of fresh minds head out into the world to create the next best thing, make lives better and change the world. How inspiring!

If you’re heading to a graduation party and stumped on what to get the new grad — why not opt for something that will help boost productivity? I know it sounds nerdy but — even though money and gift cards always seem like a good option — there are many practical and productive gifts to create a long road of success!

Courtesy: Aquanotes.com

Courtesy: Aquanotes.com

1. Aquanotes: Never miss out on a brilliant idea again. Jot down ideas before they are washed down the drain! This waterproof notepad allows you to make lists in your shower without worrying about the paper getting crumpled or soggy.  ($7 for 40 sheets) 

Mophie Battery Pack

2. Battery Pack Case for Smartphone: Don’t let your phone battery kill your productivity vibe. Protect your phone and get double the battery life with a Mophie case that provides an on-the-go, built in charger. All you have to do is charge the case. Then when your phone reaches low battery power, turn on the case, recharge your phone and continue being productive from your smartphone. ($75.95-$149.95)


Plug WeMo3. WeMo Insight Power Switch: Next time you’re in a rush and forget to turn off the TV—don’t sweat. This power switch allows you to control and monitor your electronics and appliances from any smartphone or tablet. If you don’t have time to clean the dishes or turn off the heater, now you can, even when you’re not home. Create a schedule from your smartphone or tablet and control your appliances electronically. It also lets you manage the energy consumption in your home by letting you know how much things cost—great for any grad student adjusting to paying the bills! ($59.99)


4. Mailing Labels: Addressing envelopes can always be an inconvenience—especially when you have a lot to check off your ‘to-do’ list. Personalized envelope labels are a huge time saver — especially when new grads have a bunch of thank you cards to write! (Prices vary)


5. Juicer: The first step towards productivity is focus. Green juice is all the rage these days and learning to make fresh juices could be just what your grad needs to fuel the body. This will help to keep concentration in check. Plus it’s fun to come up with your own combos and creations. (Prices vary)

Evernote for iOS icon

Evernote for iOS icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6. Evernote Premium: I always think this is a good idea for any occasion. Evernote is a free app but if you go premium it unlocks even more great features. For $45 a year, you can access notebooks offline, get more storage, share folders and get better search capabilities. ($45/year)

ostrich pillow

7. Ostrich Pillow: This looks totally ridiculous. So you’ll get points for a creative gift as well as a practical one. Everyone needs shuteye but especially grads who probably pulled a few all nighters during finals week.  This hilarious gift serves a special purpose — blocking out light and helping the wearer to catch some Z’s.  Then they can take on the world, well rested. (Prices vary) 

If you’re still at a loss check out a site like Gifta.com or KnockKnockStuff.com — you’re bound to find something great. What gift will you get your grad this year?

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