Declutter Your Closet in Time for Summer

DeclutterThe sun is coming out and so are the shorts and sandals! It’s time to check out trendy online boutiques to start creating your wardrobe for the summer!
The start of summer means packing away your coats, hats and gloves for hopefully the next few months, but it’s also a good time to clear out your closet. De-cluttering can often be a painfully time consuming task. Some people like to get it over with in one afternoon (with good music to motivate them) while others prefer to split it up into phases. You know one day doing pants, the next day doing shirts. You’ve got to find what works best for you. I’ve got so many old clothes I need to get rid of since I’ve bought a load of new clothes from this site. It’s time for a new style!

As you go through every item in your closet consider the following:

  • Have I worn it in the past year?
  • Do I love it?
  • Is it uncomfortable? Does it itch/scratch?
  • Does it project the image I want to present?

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Make Life Easier With This Book

Less_Doing_More_LivingHave you ever wished that you could do less and get more out of life?  Well it turns out you can if you know how to hack your life.  Last year I interviewed Ari Meisel for a video I was producing at work because he suffers from Crohn’s disease and he had developed ways to reduce his symptoms.

One of the ways was through stress reduction.  He’s basically optimized, automated and outsourced every aspect of his life.  Three of my favorite things!  You’ll hear more from Ari when you read my book “Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed” in January 2015. Read more

Is Evernote Really Everlasting?

Evernote for iOS icon

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Something happened this week that I honestly didn’t think would ever happen. Evernote crashed! My beloved “second brain” was down for several hours on Tuesday and had issues throughout the day. This was due to a DDoS attack – a cyber attack where criminals attempting to disable a business’s functionality, by sending an overwhelming amount of data to a company’s systems.

If you are a regular reader you know that basically my whole life is on Evernote; my blog posts, book chapters, favorite recipes, gift ideas… everything. So when Evernote when down I panicked. A rational part of me knew that it would all be working again in a few hours, but I still spent those hours worrying what I would do if Evernote were down for a few days, or worse, what if it never came back? Read more

Find An Extra Hour in Your Day

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If you’re a busy person like me, you’ve probably found yourself day-dreaming about a 25 or even a 26-hour day. A fantasy world where you not only finish all your tasks for the day, you even find time to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read. Unfortunately I can’t make the day longer, but I do know how you can save one hour at a time.

Don’t let waiting time be wasted time

On hold with the bank? Bored on your daily commute? Use this time to do smaller tasks like reading your emails, checking your Facebook page or paying bills with a mobile app.  This not only saves time, but stops these smaller errands from becoming pesky interruptions at work.

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Feel Like You’re Stuck? Let Me Help!

Paula Making ListsI would like to thank everyone who participated in my recent survey, I received a lot of fascinating suggestions on what you would like to see on One of the most popular response by far was people looking for one-on-one productivity coaching sessions.  I love this idea and have been doing some sessions unofficially for years.  So I’m expanding my website and adding services to help you get your life back on track.

Who is My Coaching Designed For?

Do you pop out of bed in the middle of the night because you forgot to:

  • Send an email?
  • Pack lunch?
  • Enter a meeting into your calendar?
  • Jot down the items you need at the grocery store?
  • Or any other item on your to-do list?

Let me help you get organized and become more productive.

I know how you feel! I’ve been there myself… constantly worried about looming to-dos and unable to relax. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’ve tried to “get organized” or “get more done” before and haven’t been able to stick with it… I’m here for you. Sometimes the toughest part of finding a system that works is just getting started. I will help you identify the best tools for you and find the most effective methods to deal with frustrations that are keeping you stuck. Read more