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Less_Doing_More_LivingHave you ever wished that you could do less and get more out of life?  Well it turns out you can if you know how to hack your life.  Last year I interviewed Ari Meisel for a video I was producing at work because he suffers from Crohn’s disease and he had developed ways to reduce his symptoms.

One of the ways was through stress reduction.  He’s basically optimized, automated and outsourced every aspect of his life.  Three of my favorite things!  You’ll hear more from Ari when you read my book “Listful Thinking: Using Lists to be More Productive, Highly Successful and Less Stressed” in January 2015.

He has a book of his own called, “Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier,” which is out right now.   I love to learn new tips and tricks from Ari.  He’s the one who told me about my new favorite app TalkTo. He has tested thousands of ways to do more in less time.  Here’s a few highlights of what I learned from his book:

1.  Determine the difference between essential and optional.  This has been a game changer for me with email!

2. (If This, Then That) This is a great way to automate tasks that I’ve used often.  Ari uses many more recipes than I do.

3.  Using a virtual assistant to get more done and worry less. Wow do I love outsourcing tasks.  Once you start and give yourself permission to not have to do everything yourself it’s amazingly freeing. I personally use Fancy Hands to delegate some tasks from my to-do list.

4.  Stop running errands!  One of my least favorite activities is running errands — I think it’s such a waste of time!  Ari has a great method for automating deliveries so you never run out of anything ever again.

5.  Hack your sleep patterns.  He’s actually tested out techniques to figure out the optimal time to go to sleep so you can be your most productive self!

What are some of your favorite life hacking tips?

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