Declutter Your Closet in Time for Summer

DeclutterThe sun is coming out and so are the shorts and sandals! It’s time to check out trendy online boutiques to start creating your wardrobe for the summer!
The start of summer means packing away your coats, hats and gloves for hopefully the next few months, but it’s also a good time to clear out your closet. De-cluttering can often be a painfully time consuming task. Some people like to get it over with in one afternoon (with good music to motivate them) while others prefer to split it up into phases. You know one day doing pants, the next day doing shirts. You’ve got to find what works best for you. I’ve got so many old clothes I need to get rid of since I’ve bought a load of new clothes from this site. It’s time for a new style!

As you go through every item in your closet consider the following:

  • Have I worn it in the past year?
  • Do I love it?
  • Is it uncomfortable? Does it itch/scratch?
  • Does it project the image I want to present?

This last point not only helps you think about your goals and what you want your wardrobe to say about you, but it also gives you the extra push to get rid of clothes that just don’t suit you anymore. Being decisive when going through your closet is key. The longer you dwell on each item the more likely you are to convince yourself of keeping it.

Once you’ve built up a considerable “toss pile” you have a variety of options for relocating them:

  • New or barely worn clothes can be resold on ebay – while it may be tempting to put those profits towards more new clothes you could instead consider putting the money towards something equally fun, but more permanent like home decorating.
  • Many charity organizations are always looking for donations, companies like The Red Cross will even keep you updated on how much your donations raised.
  • If your looking to be more creative then head to Pinterest for tips on how to revamp your old clothes.

Admiring all the space in a newly-cleared closet is a truly satisfying experience, but so is filling it will all your summer dresses you haven’t seen since last October! Another plus to an empty closet is more space for new clothes. Also, make sure you try on all your old summer clothes before hanging them up to avoid disappointments later on.

When do you start switching over your closet for summer?

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  1. Dianna
    Dianna says:

    Appropriate topic as I have been going through this for two weeks now! Getting ready for a July trip to DC and trying to figure out what to bring, as the event I am attending includes casuals and formals. All my Stored Clothing covering every space I have! In going through the “summer stuff” – found some things I forgot I had & glad to find, but then again come across new things never worn, that go back into the box every year!


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