Apps That Save You In a Pinch

iphone-410311_1280If there is one thing organized people fear, it’s when life doesn’t go as planned. It’s because we make lists and detail everything out in order to leave as little room for error as possible. Sadly, no matter how organized you are, things can still go wrong.

I’ve struggled with this my whole life. But I think there’s a reason I became a TV producer – it has helped me deal with this. When I worked in live TV – I always needed a backup plan…just in case.

Here are some apps you should download for when things go awry you aren’t caught off guard and can immediately move on seamlessly:

NextStop: If you regularly take the NYC subway you should also consider downloading Nextstop, an app which tells you when the next train is coming. It’s really useful for when you’re not sure if you should take a taxi or wait for the train. Speaking of taxis you should also download our next app.

Gett – You never know when your going to need a taxi. I often find myself thinking it might be nice to walk the ten blocks to a meeting and then I’ve barely made it out the door and it starts raining. I was really disappointed to find out that Hail-O no longer works in the United States. But if you’re overseas you can still use the service. Back at home you could try using Gett which allows you to book a taxi on your phone, like Hail-O, so your not manically trying to hail one in the rain.

You can also use the map setting to see how far away your cab is so you can try to find shelter in the meantime! Sadly Gett doesn’t send you yellow cabs, drivers use their own cars.

OpenTable – So you’ve agreed to meet the in laws at a nice restaurant, but your significant other forgot to book a reservation. So you get there and no tables are available! Your evening can still be saved – use Open Table to find restaurants in your area that have spaces available. You can even make reservations through the app so your table doesn’t get snatched up while you’re still making your way over.

Hotel Tonight – Getting stranded is the worst. Especially if it’s late and you have no idea where your going to stay for the night. Using Hotel Tonight you can also book through the app, so you don’t have to worry about being turned away when you get there. This is great if your plans fall through and also a good way to experience some really nice hotels at a discount.

What are some of your back up apps?

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