Subtract stuff from your life this New Year

subtractionAround this time of year we find ourselves adding more and more to our to do lists. I know I feel like 2015 hasn’t even begun and my list is already stacking up. Especially as my book is being published in January! If you are also feeling a bit overwhelmed maybe it’s time to start subtracting from your list instead of adding.

My friend Cass McCrory runs The Subtraction Project to help you do just that. What the Subtraction Project does is provide 30 days of actionable prompts to subtract the extra in your home, your inbox, your brain and your life.  It’s free so there’s no subtraction from your wallet.

The project starts on January 1st — so sign up soon to get a kick start on your new year. Even if you know you have a busy January ahead, don’t worry as each prompt will be short and sweet. They take between 5-15 minutes to complete. Cass is also going to feature my book on day 11, as that day focuses on to-do lists. So make sure to check it out.

What are you going to subtract from your life in 2015?

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