Eat The Frog to Get More Done

Do you ever get that feeling when you first wake up, the fear of knowing that today you have to do THAT task.

The thing you’ve been putting off for weeks now and the deadline has finally arrived. Maybe it’s paying your bills or deciding which contractor to sign with.

I’m a natural procrastinator myself so I will try to do these kinds of tasks at the last minute and if it has to be done on a particular day then you know I’ll be dreading it.

But there is another way.

A few weeks ago during my Listful Thinking MasterClass my web designer and media strategist Cass hosted my class because she has a very unique way of looking at productivity and I thought they would learn a lot from her. And they did! During Cass’s talk, while discussing the perils of procrastination, she explained her belief that you have to “eat the frog”


Eat the Frog is a productivity concept in which you do the tasks you want to do the least  first. By getting the awful tasks out of the way your burden for the day is lifted and you can actually enjoy the remainder of it. And be more productive because you crossed off something that was looming large.

This simple concept really resonates with people and the fact that it frees up the rest of your day is a built in reward that encourages you to banish those procrastination habits!

Ok so what task will you use to Eat the Frog today?

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  1. Kimberly Fakih
    Kimberly Fakih says:

    This is an IT moment for me. I have recently started working out every morning first thing, and while the exercise is likely beneficial, I am freed from all the worry over having the time or will to do it later! You are giving me back a lot of headspace with this one!????

  2. Kent Sisco
    Kent Sisco says:

    What a great productivity hint. I’m going to use the frog emoji now to identify the not-so-fun tasks when I write my to do lists. Maybe this way I can quickly identify all the froggy tasks and chew through them first leaving the pie and ice cream tasks for me to enjoy throughout the rest of the day.


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