Want to meet me & Gretchen Rubin in Chicago?

I used to be the queen of networking and go to lots of events every week. That’s when I was first building this blog and also launching my book Listful Thinking. I wanted to get the word out! But after my appendix ruptured over a year ago and I vowed to slow things down a bit.

And I quickly I realized essentially every networking event is the same.

Think about it, how many networking events have you been to that take place in hotel banquet halls filled with clammy handshakes, and awkward conversations punctuated with the exchange of business cards? And those cards usually end up in the garbage.

So how do you stand out?

How do you make your mark in the short amount of time that you have with someone new?

Well it’s all about your pitch! That’s how.

It’s all about how you present yourself to someone who might be able to team up with you, further your business or get you some media coverage.

I know all about good and BADDDDDD pitches. I’m a senior TV producer after all and for nearly 20 years (yikes has it been that long?!?) I’ve been on the receiving end of thousands and thousands of pitches.

I know what catches the eye of the media and what falls flat in about 5 seconds. I teamed up with a colleague and fellow media and branding expert and good friend – Terri Trespicio to launch an online course called Lights Camera Expert. It’s for experts, entrepreneurs and authors who want to get and keep media attention.  

We learned how to create an online course from Ramit Sethi. Have you heard of him?

He’s the founder of I Will Teach You To Be Rich and Terri and I both took his amazing Zero to Launch course.

In October, Terri and I will be speaking at his annual event Forefront in Chicago!

We’ll be teaching the entrepreneurs there how to grab the eye of the media, how to pitch them and how to become their own producers by creating compelling content like podcasts and online videos.

Last year it was in NYC and Ramit brought me on stage to talk about the launch of Lights Camera Expert!  What an experience!

Ramit’s event Forefront is probably one of the biggest networking event featuring New York Times bestselling authors, TED-X speakers and so on. But most excitingly Gretchen Rubin will also be there!

She’s the author of “The Happiness Project” as soon as I read it I became obsessed.  

Fast forward a few years later and for my day job as a TV producer I was fortunate enough to interview Gretchen for a segment.

She was lovely and we quickly started talking about productivity and efficiency. She’s a big list person too.

She gave me tips on how to launch my book Listful Thinking and she even wrote a great endorsement of the book!

So it’s really a full circle moment for me that we’ll be speaking at the same event.

I’d love for you to come to the event if you’re interested. It’s aimed towards entrepreneurs trying to take their side hustle to the next level, if you think you fit the bill make sure to check it out.

Ramit’s advice has been so helpful in taking my business to the next level and I’m sure he can help you too.

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