My Radio Interview About The Power Of No

I used to be a yes person. I would agree to every meeting, networking event, guest blog post opportunity – everything.

I truly believe that the more you said yes to things the more good it can bring to your life.

Which it does in a way, I’ve had many positive things come from all those opportunities.

But saying yes comes at a price.

Last year my appendix burst and I was so convinced that it was just food poisoning. I was so determined to keep going with my life that I left seeking proper medical help until it was too late.

So to balance out my eager ‘yes’ lifestyle – I started saying no to things. Unless I really really like the sound of something I say no.

It’s my way of prioritizing the things that mean the most to me. I’m an Essentialist now.

About a year ago I wrote an article for about The Power of No. Detailing all the reasons why it’s totally fine to opt out. It got some traffic and some attention on social media but then that was that.

Who knew that years later it would still be striking a cord.

Recently I did a interview with Michael S Robinson on his radio show. Michael is a big believer in saying yes and the power that comes from saying yes. Much like I used to as well.

On his show we discussed our opposing views and ultimately we came to the conclusion that it’s good to say yes – within certain boundaries.

Check out the full interview here.

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