5 Productive Gifts to Give a List Maker

It’s sort of a point of pride for me that I don’t like to just buy people gifts for the sake of buying gifts. I like to find presents that will really mean something to a person. It’s why I keep a list of gift ideas for people throughout the year, to make sure I’m giving them the best gift possible.

But sometimes, I still get stuck!

Some people can be very difficult to buy for or they don’t give you much inspiration for gift ideas. Christmas is nearly upon us so if you haven’t got someone a gift yet, you’re probably about to go into panic mode, but there’s no need.

Here are some gift ideas with a productivity twist:

Clocky Alarm Clock – We all know someone who has a difficult time getting up in the morning, even though their alarm has gone off they just can’t bring themselves to get out of bed. Clocky is a wheeled alarm clock that runs around the room until you turn it off, so even the laziest person is forced to get up just to shut it off!

Essentialism – I am obsessed with the book, Essentialism by Greg McKeown! You’ve probably noticed that I bring it up in blog posts all the time. That’s because it really works! Once you strip everything back to just the few things that matter most, your days become so much more manageable. I promise you once you read this book it will change your whole outlook. I highly recommend it for anyone you know who says “I’m just so busy” like it’s their personal mantra.

Rocketbook Notepad – I love the feeling of putting pen to paper, it’s why – even though I love Evernote – I still always keep a notepad on me. Rocketbook combines old fashioned notebooks with new technology. It’s like a smart Etch-A-Sketch that you use like a usual notepad except everything you write is uploaded to the cloud or your favorite productivity app. You can then start from scratch again by erasing the notebook in the microwave. (I’m not kidding!) It’s great for if you’re ever paranoid about losing your notepad or if you struggle to find notes after you’ve made them.

Smart Kettles – I love tea.  Earl Grey, Green, Darjeeling… I love all kinds of tea. But when it comes to making tea, boiling the water can be a painstaking process. They say a watched kettle never boils and it’s true. So to save on all that waiting, check out this kettle you can turn on with your phone. So if you’re on your way home from work and dying for a cuppa you can turn the kettle on so it’ll be boiled by the time you arrive. Perfect!

Pixie – Do you know someone who is always losing her keys or wallet? Pixie is a bluetooth bluetooth tracker that pinpoint the exact location of your stuff. If you still can’t find it, the trackers will also make a noise and flash so you’ll never lose your keys again! Works well for luggage too – incase it goes missing on a flight.

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