Plan Mini Destination Trips to Recharge and Rejuvenate

I recently wrote a post on the importance of making time for myself now that I work from home. When your home is also your office it’s not easy to make as clear boundaries with your time. In the comments section of that post a friend and regular reader, Sandra Keros, wrote  that she likes to plan mini destinations to get out of her head and out of her apartment. What a great idea!

Since I loved it so much I got in touch with Sandra to talk more about her mini destinations and what she does. This is what she had to say:

“As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about and working on your business around the clock. From time to time, a little recreation is necessary to give yourself a break, have some fun, and “recreate” your thinking on projects you’re working on.

I love going on mini-destinations (or “road trips”) because they aren’t too hard on the wallet and are within easy reach. When I’m feeling a logjam in my brain and the pulsating need to explore beyond the confines of my apartment, I know it’s time to hit the road.

Most of my adult life I’ve lived on both East and West Coasts, but whether you live someplace in-between or internationally, the same list-making methodology applies.

The first thing I do is decide what I want to do, an area that piques my interest, and how long I want to be away. Sometimes I decide to take a morning excursion or make the best of a free afternoon. Other times, a long weekend is more necessary for me to unwrap my head from around my laptop.

Then, I decide when is the best time to go (to avoid traffic, make it easy to find accommodations on the fly or plan in advance around holidays, or stay with a friend).

Some morning/afternoon excursion examples include:

  • Trip to the farmers market
  • Walk by a body of water
  • Check out a book store
  • Peruse an art exhibit, zoo, aquarium, etc.
  • Ride your bike
  • Rent cross country skis and head out to a golf course or trail
  • Go on a nearby hike
  • Take a class (drawing, dance, sport-related, or whatever your fancy)
  • Dine at a cool restaurant in another town or part of the city”

I love all of these ideas!

Really getting to know the area you live in and the interesting events and attractions it has to offer can really make you feel more connected to the community.

It’s something my web designer & digital marketing guru Cass McCrory talked about on the ‘Go With The Flow’ podcast she appeared on. This is something the three  of us all agree on and I would recommend you get out there and see what your local area has to offer.

The great thing about Sandra’s list is that it’s not only for entrepreneurs, but something you can incorporate into your life even if you have a full-time job.

Some of the ideas would have to be done on the weekend, but there’s nothing to stop you going on a bike ride or heading to a local bookstore on your lunch break at work. Just as it’s important for entrepreneurs to get out of their house, it’s also good to get out of the office and reset and recharge!

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