Ever Wanted To Give A TEDx Talk?

There isn’t an expert, an author, or entrepreneur I know who wouldn’t love to give a TEDx talk. Or to do more speaking in general.

The problem isn’t opportunity (events alone are more popular than ever–and there are tons of TEDx events happening all over the world, year round).

The problem certainly isn’t passion or desire. You’ve got that in spades.

The problem, for most people, is they aren’t sure what it takes to create or land a TED-worthy talk. And they aren’t sure what to do theirs on.

But I know someone who does know—and she’s going to be sharing it in her first-ever live event.

Terri Trespicio is a brand advisor, award-winning writer and top-rated speaker with two TEDx talks under her belt—one of which has 3.6 million views to date. I met Terri when she worked as a magazine editor and since then we’ve become good friends and business partners! We created Lights Camera Expert together, which helps experts get media attention.

Terri also works with people to craft and land their own TEDx and keynote talks, and helps high profile folks up their speaking game. She launched an online course called Tapped to Speak last year, and this year, she’s doing a LIVE in-person event.

Her exclusive, boutique-style, hands-on workshop event called TAPPED TO SPEAK LIVE is happening June 7 & 8 in NYC—and it’s one you can’t miss.  If you want to grow your own visibility, brand, and speaking career—not to mention do a TEDx talk—you’re going to want to grab a seat. (Or tell a friend who does!) 

What you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear, freshly articulated idea that’s unique to you—and the heart of your stand-out signature talk
  • A well-shaped outline with a beginning, middle, and end
  • The first words that should come out of your mouth on stage
  • A way to approach and organize your talk that feels natural to you
  • Strategies for tackling, organizing, and delivering new or revised material
  • Insights for growing your speaking career—and expanding your thought leadership platform
  • An energized and invigorated perspective on your talk—and your career

I can’t recommend Terri enough—and I have no doubt if you have a message you’re dying to share on a bigger stage, this workshop will put you leaps and bounds ahead of where you are now.

Seats are limited (this is a 50-person event and will sell out). So grab your seat!

General admission for this event is $997, and VIP is $1497—but right now you can get the early bird rates and save $200—tickets are 797 and 1297, respectively.

Learn more about the event and reserve your spot.

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