Why I Renewed My Library Card

I am a huge fan of e-readers, it’s so much easier to pack one lightweight tablet then a dozen big heavy books. If I’m not reading a book on my Kindle, then I’m probably listening to it on Audible – which is even more portable. Thanks to these two things combined I haven’t read a physical book in I can’t even tell you how long.

But the other day all that changed.

I met a woman who was telling me all about the book club she was part of. As she’s telling me about their current book she pulls it out of her handbag. I couldn’t believe it. Not only was she reading an actual hard copy book, but it was a book she had loaned from the library! Gasp!

It’s been a long time since I last stepped foot in a library.

The more I thought about it though, I realized this woman was totally on to something. If I’m being honest with you it’s not often these days that I finish a book. Having a e-reader allows me to read a few pages while I’m on the subway or waiting at the dentist, which means I don’t make as much time to sit down and just read!

Without a physical book I find myself getting distracted too easily. Since I know all my books are stored right there in my Kindle there’s nothing forcing me to finish them. Knowing I can go back to them at anytime really brings out the procrastinator in me. With library books there’s only a certain amount of time you can loan them, which puts you on an automatic deadline. It’s now or never!

So feeling inspired I made my way to my local library and renewed my membership. I chose a fiction book, as most of what I read these days is non-fiction. I thought it would be good to have a break. Now I’ve got two weeks and I’m ready to throw myself into it. I’m really excited at the prospect of spending dedicated time to read. I know it sounds strange but with technology and instant access to everything I need to slow down a little bit.

When I called my Mom to catch up I told her about about renewing my library card, I could hear her smiling as she reminded me that the library was always my favorite place as a kid. Growing up — I was always at the library. I loved to read and the library enabled my addiction providing access to hundreds of books and all for free.

Going back to the place the first fostered my love of reading feels like an Oprah full circle moment and I’m more inspired than ever.

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  1. Jonel
    Jonel says:

    I have a 5-year old and she recently convinced me to get my own library card. There are tons of resources–from actual books to audio books–that you can borrow, and you probably know that already by now.

    And, with Hoopla, you have access to a wide range of audio books where I happen to chance upon your audio book. I would not have found your site if it wasn’t for that library card that opened the door to so much ways to learn.

  2. Diane
    Diane says:

    So happy to hear that you renewed your card. I’m a library clerk for our city’s library and I’m always amazed at how few people know the benefits of being a member of their local library. Our city has made it that you have to get a library card in order to be able to register to any sport activity. This forces people to come to the library and more often than not they are thrilled to discover all that we have to offer. Thank you for promoting the use of your local libraries!!

    • Paula Rizzo
      Paula Rizzo says:

      I had forgotten how much I loved it there and you’re right – so many great resources! Thanks for reading and for commenting. Happy to push people over to the library!

  3. Catherine Sears
    Catherine Sears says:

    Absolutely! I’m a fan of using our local library. They know my husband is picking up for me all the time. I can get some books from libraries all over our state with their state of the art systems.

    I drove 145 miles round trip to get a card in the next county just so I can use there Hoopla electronic services. I have a card from the city (I live in the county) just so I can take Gale Courses for FREE!

    Libraries are sacred and special places for me.

    Enjoy your card, it’s a badge of honor Paula!

    Your #1 Fan in San Diego

    • Paula Rizzo
      Paula Rizzo says:

      Wow – so you know all about the benefits too. I had forgotten how much I loved it but I’m glad to be on board again! Thanks for reading and for commenting!


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