It’s Never Too Soon to Plan Weekends Away for the Summer

After all the bad weather we’ve been having lately, I’m really looking forward to the summer. So to help me lift my spirits and prepare for warmer days I’m bringing you the Summer Series. This blog post was inspired by my friend and regular reader, Sandra Keros. She’s a total expert on how to unplug and recharge.

In the last post Sandra explained how she takes little mini-destination breaks in the day to get out of her house and be inspired by the world around her.

Today Sandra is sharing some of her advice for when you want to take a slightly longer break, like getting out of town for the weekend. She’s broken it up by coasts so you can pick whichever is more suits you.

Best Weekend Getaways

By Sandra Keros



Hands down, Sunset magazine is my favorite. In every issue, a part of the West – from Alaska to Arizona, Colorado to the state of California – is featured with trip itineraries for one to ten days. I use these itineraries as a guide, like a menu of options, picking out what I’m most interested in and how busy or structured I want my days to be. Naturally, they have a catalog of itineraries on their website, though I prefer to peek through their latest issue and find a trip that speaks to me. (Buying the latest issue also shows me the best, most current places to eat and also saves me from having to print it out.)


  • Thrillist often has the most current places to go and visit, from one-day trips to must-dos for the upcoming weekend.
  • New York magazine has a list of neighborhood gems.


  • Where magazine often lists neat things to do in cities around the globe that aren’t just for tourists.
  • Time Out is a great guide to some of the worlds biggest cities.

If you are going travelling be sure to check out some of these travel apps to guarantee an amazing vacation. Next time on the summer series I’ll be going through the ins and outs of planning a road trip and the lists you’ll need to make!

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