Checklist For Starting Yoga

Yoga can be pretty intimidating. I know because for many years I was too afraid to try it. But now I practice it every morning for 10 to 20 minutes and I feel so much better about starting my day. Yoga will make you feel healthier, more positive and comes with a laundry list of other wellness benefits.

One of the hardest things to do is to just get started. I’ve taken classes over the years but I find it hard to commit to going. I’m much more likely to practice if I do yoga on my own time. I love learning with my virtual instructor — Esther Ekhart. She has a YouTube channel with many yoga videos that you must try. She’s very soothing and gentle.

For those of you who want to try yoga but don’t know how to get going — this checklist is for you. It was written by a yoga instructor from named Susie Lopez. Bent on Learning is a wonderful program that is bringing yoga to New York City public school children. Read more

5 Health Benefits of List Making

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Making a list will make you more organized, productive and efficient.  But did you know that there are actual health benefits to list making too? Yes – it’s true. I’ve spoken with psychologists and surgeons about this topic and they’ve all said the same thing: lists will help you be healthier.  Whether you’re writing down healthful goals or just making grocery lists — the benefits are equal:

1.  Reduce Anxiety: How many times have you said “I have a million things to do – how am I going to get it all accomplished?”  A list will help to ease those fears. As soon as you start writing things down on paper (or in your smartphone) and get it out of your head — your stress levels will drop. Read more

20 Easy Resolutions You Can Feel Good About

If the usual resolutions like get more organized or lose weight don’t suit you this year here’s a list of ideas that might. I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of resolutions that anyone can do and feel great about:

1. Smile whenever you pick up the phone – no matter who it is!

2. Choose your thoughts like you choose your clothes

3. Watch one funny YouTube video per day

4. Take a multivitamin

5. Make someone’s day once a week or month Read more

Check Off Your List With Gifts That Give Back

One of the great pleasures of my job is working with Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter. Chris is an alternative medicine expert who travels all over the world and has changed the way I think about medicine. In the three years that we’ve been working together on video segments I’ve also become friends with his fabulously savvy wife Zoe Helene. Like Chris she loves the outdoors and has a real respect for our environment. I thought she’d be the perfect person to help us find gifts that will give back this year. Some people are always looking for the best gift options for them at this time of year, even listening to Jay’s gift recommender to spark some ideas on the best gift for them. And with so many people clammering for a last minute gift delivery, why not do a little something for Mother Nature this holiday season while checking off your shopping list too?

Gifts That Give Back

by Zoe Helene

When Paula suggested I come up with a list of Gifts That Give Back, I knew the challenge would be to keep that list short. After collecting pages and pages of great stuff, I decided to keep this one focused on high quality traditional Christmas gifts that are also earth-friendly.

In the natural products industry we call that category ‘premium sustainable’. You might have heard it called ‘Luxury Eco,’ which is basically the thing. In a nutshell, these are high-end products that have produced in ways that are healthy for all parties along the chain of trade; and not just people, but planet, plants and critters too. Now that’s what I call true Christmas spirit. Read more

Magazine Helps You Achieve Goals

Everyone can use a little push every now and then to achieve his or her goals. I think the best motivator is to hear about other people who are living their dreams. I’ve written about in the past — the social media site for goal makers and even highlighted their chief operating officer, Shelagh Braley, as one of my featured list producers. has just launched “Achiever Magazine,” which is all about helping you reach for the stars.

This first edition is geared towards college students and I have a feature in the magazine with tips for success. If you’re a regular reader of this blog — you KNOW that writing a to-do list is one of those tips! There’s also information about saving money, looking better and eating right.

But the real crux of the magazine is the inspirational stories. is filled with travel, family, home, career and personal goals and success stories. It’s those goals that have become the foundation for this magazine. I urge all of you to check out “Achiever Magazine” and let me know what you think!


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