A List to Lift Your Spirits This Fall

bench-560435_1280September is coming to an end and there’s definitely a chill in the air here in New York. It’s that “back to school” weather finally kicking in. My husband Jay hates winter! Around this time of year he starts getting sad about the colder weather and says we need to move to California for some sunshine!

The winter blues aren’t just a feeling – it’s a real problem called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and it’s caused by a lack of vitamin d. Sufferers of SAD can invest in light therapy lamps, as they supposedly have a positive influence on the chemicals in the brain that affect people’s moods. You might want to get yourself a happy light amazon delivery in the coming weeks to try and brighten your mood while the weather only gets darker and darker. So what else can you do to lift your mood this fall? Short of moving to California? Read more

9 Instant Ways to Boost Your Mood Now

110934543-47839132b0ded77208641b8166753a2f_6edfbeI’m generally a positive person, but I have my off days like everybody else. Even though no one would want to feel like this, it happens to pretty much all of us. When you have those bad days, it is easier to see why people may check out sites like, in the hopes of finding alternative routes to boosting their energy levels. Everyone is different though, so it all depends on how you approach this. They don’t happen very often because take supplements that can help keep me positive (if you’re interested in this then check out these l-phenylalanine benefits) but even with these supplements, I have my down days.

When we’re feeling down or a little sluggish we tend to go a bit slower, and we’re more likely to put off important tasks. There’s nothing wrong with being sad from time to time – as we learned from the movie Inside Out (how cute are those characters?) But sometimes you need a quick pick me up to get your day going again.

Here are some ways I make my day better instantly:

1. Dance it out – Solo-dance parties can be the best, it’s all about you and the music. No one can judge your dance moves, no matter how crazy. So put on your favorite track and get moving.

2. Keep a gratitude journal – Remind yourself of what you’re thankful for! It’s easy to get caught up in things and forget at times, but many studies have found that those who are grateful for what they have feel a higher sense of happiness than those who do not. I make a habit of writing in my gratitude journal every night. Read more