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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with an App

carrot_1There are lots of great apps out there that help you check off your to-do list, log your food intake and make note of how much you exercise. These apps can be great if used properly, but sometimes we get a little complacent. we use them for a while and then get bored and move onto the next big thing.  Well now the apps are fighting back!

Here’s a list of apps that are designed to give you that extra push and really force you to achieve your goals: Read more

Orchestra To-Do App is Discontinued

orchestra openingAnother to-do app is shutting down! Orchestra is joining Astrid and closing up shop.

Here’s the story


Despite Orchestra’s great success (ranking as the App Store’s Productivity App of the year in 2011,) the Orchestra team is changing their focus. Part of what made Orchestra a great app was its compatiblity with email — you could forward an email to Orchestra and it would turn it into a task on your to-do list. Somewhere along the way, the Orchestra team decided that they wanted to take this idea a step further and created Mailbox, an app to streamline your email.


Carrot: Bossy To-Do List App Makes Productivity a Game

image_1I don’t usually respond well to bullies but for some reason I’m really liking the Carrot app because of it’s pushy ways.  I downloaded the to-do list app after a friend told me about it and I’ve been using it for several days.

The idea is that this to-do list with a personality will help you to get all your tasks ticked off.  And when I say “personality” I mean “attitude.”  Carrot’s mood changes depending on how productive you are.  It’s pretty funny actually.  But as you finish a task you earn points and unlock new features and get rewards.

Here’s my list of pros and cons:


  1. The fun game-type format makes you want to complete tasks to find out imagewhat Carrot has in store next.
  2. It’s very easy to use and intuitive.
  3. One of the gifts I was given was a cat named Captain Whiskers.  How cute! 


  1. Not very forgiving if you make a mistake at first.  As you work your way through the levels you are able to edit, undo and change tasks.
  2. There aren’t any pictures of Captain Whiskers. I think they will probably improve on this in future versions to increase the fun factor.  
  3. I could see people getting tired of Carrot’s schtick and not using it after the novelty wears off.

I think this could be a fun way to get more done for a lot of people.  It’s definitely worth a try.  Let me know what you think of Carrot if you’re using it.  Also — I have no idea why it’s called Carrot.