Orchestra To-Do App is Discontinued

orchestra openingAnother to-do app is shutting down! Orchestra is joining Astrid and closing up shop.

Here’s the story


Despite Orchestra’s great success (ranking as the App Store’s Productivity App of the year in 2011,) the Orchestra team is changing their focus. Part of what made Orchestra a great app was its compatiblity with email — you could forward an email to Orchestra and it would turn it into a task on your to-do list. Somewhere along the way, the Orchestra team decided that they wanted to take this idea a step further and created Mailbox, an app to streamline your email.


Unfortunately, the team decided to stop all work on Orchestra in favor of Mailbox.  Much to users’ dismay, the Orchestra to-do app will disappear come September.  Here’s what a few users have commented on the Orchestra Facebook page:
Wow, I Loved Orchestra and had high hopes for Mailbox. Now O will officially go unsupported, and I seldom open MB anymore. I hope it works out well for others; I need a new catch-all todo app.” — Mark David Ribbins


“Extremely disappointing. You’re killing the best to-do app on the market. Sad.” — Ali Kisaoglu


“I use both Orchestra and Mailbox and do not think that Mailbox can replace Orchestra, very disappointed with your decision” — TC Ma


 Moving Forward

After September 6, the Orchestra team won’t be working on the app any more. That means, you won’t be able to sync the app, use task delegation, or access the web app. And, of course, there will no longer be any customer support or software updates.


You will still be able to launch the app on your phone and use it as a personal to-do list app, but your data won’t be backed up. Orchestra recommends that you save all your important tasks and information elsewhere. That way, if your app gets deleted, you’ll have access to your data.




Here are some other apps that you can try as a replacement for Orchestra:


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