Get Out of Your Comfort Zone with an App

carrot_1There are lots of great apps out there that help you check off your to-do list, log your food intake and make note of how much you exercise. These apps can be great if used properly, but sometimes we get a little complacent. we use them for a while and then get bored and move onto the next big thing.  Well now the apps are fighting back!

Here’s a list of apps that are designed to give you that extra push and really force you to achieve your goals:

Pact – So you want to go to the gym more, but are you willing to bet money on it? With this app you make a weekly “Pact” to exercise more or eat healthier. If you stick to your goals you’ll earn cash rewards. However, if you skip the gym after work the app will charge you! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find the motivation when there’s cash on the line.

Carrot – This app was recommended to be by my intern Erin – and it’s a little weird. But I’ve used it before and actually kind of liked it. Essentially Carrot bullies you into completing your to-do list. If you check off your tasks you receive rewards (like a virtual cat). But if you ignore tasks and upset Carrot, the in app bot that now dictates your life, she can be pretty mean.

Rare Candy – This app was inspired by Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and encourages uses to practice their skills until they can become a masters (at 10,000 hours). It’s styled in the form of a classic RPG (role playing game). With Rare Candy the more time you spend on a skill the more you ‘level up’. It can be helpful with goals like learning a language, which is a long journey and sometimes feels like lost time. This app reminds you that every bit counts.

If you try any of these apps I want to hear how it worked for you.  Leave a comment below please.

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