Mom Turns Kids into Foodies One List at a Time

Recently my two worlds of TV producer and blogger crossed paths at the BlogHer conference.  I took a seminar about incorporating video into a blog that Catherine McCord, founder of, was teaching.  Brilliant stuff and I plan on adding some more video here soon!

Anyway — I’ve also done segments with Catherine about healthy eating and getting kids to be better eaters.  She started out as a food blogger and has uploaded hundreds of videos to her website Now she has a book called “Weelicious: One Family, One Meal,” and I’ve even tried some of the recipes even though I don’t have kids!

Turns out — all that recipe making and brand building has been possible because of list making!  Love that! Check out Catherine’s list-making secrets:

Q: Why do you call yourself a compulsive list producer?

A: As a working mom and wife, if I wasn’t armed with a list I’d be in big big trouble! Read more

List for Cleaning Up Your DVR Recordings

For a person who works in television — I watch relatively little of it.  There are some shows that I won’t miss like “Modern Family” or “The Office” but for the most part — my DVR is filled with fluff that I may or may not ever actually watch.  Do you have the same problem?

I’ve decided it’s almost like junk mail.  I hang on to some shows that take up precious real estate in the DVR “just in case.”  So I just went through and deleted a bunch of shows I’ll never watch and cleaned up the scheduled recordings also.  Here’s a list so you can do the same:

1.  Go through your current saved recordings and one by one decide if you care if you didn’t watch that show.  Be honest.

2.  Delete the ones you won’t watch.

3.  Now go to your schedule series recordings and scroll through all the shows you’ve set to record whenever they are on.  (Mine include The Newsroom, Giada at Home and Oprah’s Next Chapter.)  Decide if these are worth keeping or if you constantly delete these recordings when they pop up.

4.  Repeat.  (You probably weren’t honest the first time.)

5.  Feel better about having less clutter in your DVR inbox!

“Like” My New Facebook Page

At first I resisted Facebook Timeline.  I avoided the messages about it and vowed to be a hold out — but I finally gave in. (I’m pretty sure I had no choice actually.)  I’ve converted my List Producer Fan Page to Timeline and it actually looks more like a webpage than a traditional Facebook page.  I have to say I actually like it.  I hope you’ll “like it” too.

I post new blogs and other interesting articles and quotes that I find throughout the day.  I’m also going to be posting more photos and videos here as well.  I’d love to keep up with you via Facebook and run contests and see how your list making is going.  Thanks in advance for “liking” me!


If You Want It Done Right, Don’t Do It Yourself!

I used to be like a lot of people who try to do everything themselves. But then I learned — I’m only one person, I need to ask for help sometimes! There are times when I still struggle with this concept but for the most part — I’m pretty good at delegating.  In fact — my guest blogger Leah Busque, founder of,  says having other people do things for you is the only way to get things done right.

If You Want It Done Right, Don’t Do It Yourself!

by Leah Busque

Consider this…Two men live alone on an isolated island. To survive they must undertake a few basic economic activities like water carrying, fishing, cooking and shelter construction and maintenance. The first man is young, strong and educated. In general, he is faster, better, and more productive at everything; he has an absolute advantage in all activities. The second man is old, weak, and uneducated. He has an absolute disadvantage in all economic activities. In some activities the difference between the two is great; in others it is small. Read more

Checklist For Being A Good Friend

Some of my favorite people – fictional and non-fictional – are best friends.

  • Oprah and Gayle
  • Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia
  • Lucy and Ethel
  • Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
  • Laverne and Shirley
  • Pooh and Piglet

Some of them are best friends because clever writers fabricated their lives that way but some are the real things. The bond that all of these famous friends have in common is the love they share for their best friends. When we get busy and other things get in our way – it’s easy to become a less-than-fabulous friend. But never fear – I have a checklist on how to be a good friend always. Read more