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Get More Organized Now with Harvesting Happiness

hhtr_banner_orange I was kindly invited on as a guest to the Harvesting Happiness Show.  We talked about my book, Listful Thinking and how you can use lists to live a happy life.

The show also featured Daniel Levitin who talks about the science behind getting organized.

He touched on a few scientific reasons why multitasking is bad for you, which made me so happy to hear as multitasking is such a pet peeve of mine. But unfortunately it’s such a classic pitfall that so many people fall down!

The interview is embedded below, but you can also click here to listen to it. It’s 58 minutes long, so I would recommend breaking it up and listening in chunks. Or it could be good if you have a long drive. If you want to skip to my part I start around the 31 minute mark. Enjoy!

I’m on the “So Money” Podcast

Take a listen to my So Money Podcast to (1)What do lists have to do with money — you might be thinking?  Well a lot actually.  If you’ve read my book Listful Thinking, you’ll know that I believe a list can be adapted to any situation. In particular, lists can be really helpful when your trying to stick to a budget and get a handle on your finances.

I met Farnoosh Torabi a few weeks ago and we connected immediately. She is also an avid list maker – she’s been making lists since middle school. Plus she used to be a TV producer and is an author too.  She asked me to be a guest on her daily podcast So Money!  I’m not into numbers so much but you’d be surprised how much a list can help you keep track of financial stuff.

In the podcast we discuss:

  • How using lists can help you lead your best life.
  • The idea of a permission list when it comes to budgeting and how it can help.
  • My biggest habit – besides list making – that helps keep my finances in check.

Listen to it here:

Be More Productive While Driving to Work

Traffic in Brisbane

(Photo credit: neoporcupine)

In many of my post I advocate using your commute time on the train to get some of your work done. Which is great, if you live in the city like me, but I know many people who commute to work by car. I remember the days, I used to do it myself.  I’d drive an hour each way back and forth to the city when I lived in the suburbs.

Here’s some ideas to get more done while you cruise:

Audio books – I love reading, but finding the time to sit down with a book can be difficult. So why not listen to one on your commute? iTunes does an audio version of most books, or you can always try a service like audible.com.  You could also try an app like Umano which read out popular articles to you. Read more

Umano App Reads to You On-The-Go

umanoI’ve recently gotten into listening to a lot of podcasts on my commute because it’s just easier than reading something and then getting bumped into by a rude passenger, losing your spot, remembering where you are, re-reading that section and so on.   A friend recommended I try Umano.

I downloaded the app earlier this week, and the first thing it lets you do is choose the kind of content you want to listen to. There’s a wide variety of channels including your typical news subjects sports, entertainment and technology, but there’s also some more unusual channels like facts and history. Read more