Umano App Reads to You On-The-Go

umanoI’ve recently gotten into listening to a lot of podcasts on my commute because it’s just easier than reading something and then getting bumped into by a rude passenger, losing your spot, remembering where you are, re-reading that section and so on.   A friend recommended I try Umano.

I downloaded the app earlier this week, and the first thing it lets you do is choose the kind of content you want to listen to. There’s a wide variety of channels including your typical news subjects sports, entertainment and technology, but there’s also some more unusual channels like facts and history.

The free app allows you to listen to a voice recording of news articles from a variety of publishers and bloggers like The New Yorker, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, Forbes, Wired and Mashable.  What’s great is that the articles are narrated by professional voice actors, not some robotic voice.

Most of the articles are only two or three minutes in length, so you can really just dip in and out of listening, whereas some audio books or podcasts can be more intense. Umano also logs the kind of articles you’re listening to and make suggestions of similar articles that you might like.

So next time you’re commuting, working out at the gym, or cooking at home, let Umano accompany you so you can learn a thing or two on the go. If you decide to try it out, use my code when signing up to get unlimited listening: NN8MEZ.

How do you consume your news and favorite articles on-the-go?



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