Checklists to Prepare for Hurricane Irene

I’ve been making checklists since I heard that Hurricane Irene was going to hit New York City. Supplies lists, grocery shopping lists, emergency contact lists (because who can remember anyone’s phone number these days!), etc.

I usually don’t panic for storms and blizzards because working in the news business has conditioned me to handle tough situations.

It’s much different being in an apartment than in a house during a hurricane. This is my first experience in an apartment. Jay is working Saturday night — because the news business doesn’t stop in emergency situations. You can listen to his sports updates on 1010WINS if you happen to be listening to the radio. But once he’s home on Sunday we’ll have plenty of snacks, water, non-perishable foods, candles, batteries and wine — all thanks to my planning and list making.

Angie Hicks, founder of customer review site, Angie’s List gave me these tips to get your home and family ready for the storm.

What to do ahead of time:

1. Gather Your Documents – Get your insurance documents together and put them in a safe place – a place you’ll remember!

2, Program Your Phone – Have your insurance agent’s phone number stored in your phone so you can access it easily.

3. Know your Coverage – Understand what is covered on your homeowners insurance policy and what is not.

4. Snap Some Photos – Take photos of your home and it’s contents, be sure to include all electronics and other expensive items.

Here are a few checklists that will help you as Hurricane Irene approaches:

Preparing for a Hurricane by FEMA

Securing Your Home for a Hurricane by National Hurricane Center

Emergency Plan Checklist by

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist by

These articles will help you get your pets and children ready for the storm:

Preparing Your Pet for Evacuation by Humane Society

I’ve powered up my laptop, cell phones, iPad and camera — just in case we lose power. I’m also going to download a movie on my iPad so we’ll have something fun to watch. I have books and magazines on hand if I can’t watch TV. And of course I have a battery-powered radio and extra batteries to listen to updates and news reports. I hope you’ll do the same. I’ll have checklists on how to access damage in your home and deal with the aftermath next week.

Be safe and smart in the storm!

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  1. Laura DeAngelis
    Laura DeAngelis says:

    Thanks to you, I pulled my co-op insurance out of my files and have it handy, just in case. I did take pictures this afternoon, also just in case. I can also say I was the last person to get a battery operated radio at one store this morning, and I thought I was going to get beat up for it! From one NYC-apartment dweller to another, I thank you for the tips. Stay safe!


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