Don’t Let Your To-Do List Bully You!

Do you sometimes feel like you are being bullied by your to-do list?  You’re not alone.  Even I feel that way sometimes.  But the key is taming the to-do list to allow you to check everything off of it.  It takes discipline and know how.  I was recently interviewed about to-do lists and how to take charge of your to-do list. 

A lot of times people set themselves up for failure with their to-do lists right off the bat.  What I mean by that is that you put too much on your list.  You put unrealistic things on the list that you can’t possibly accomplish!  Don’t do that!

Here are few things that will help you get your to-do list done:

1. Make bite-sized lists

2. Be realistic

3. Ask for help

4. Don’t mix your lists — to-dos aren’t the same as life lists.  Know the difference

5. Read my other tips here


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