Congrats to Astrid: An Amazing To-Do List App

Would you like a personal assistant to help you remember appointments and check things off your to-do list? I know of one who will work for cheap and keep you organized and make sure you hit all your deadlines. Her name is Astrid. And I’d like to offer my congratulations since the company was just sold to Yahoo.  

Who is Astrid?

Astrid is an adorable little octopus and one of my favorite to-do list apps for iPhone or Android.  If you don’t have one of those devices you can also access this productivity tool by going to

Astrid will keep all of your tasks organized and remind you of what you need to do with motivational and encouraging nudges like “How about it? Ready tiger?”  You can also rename all of your lists and maintain them however you like — set reminders or not, give your tasks due dates or not. It’s up to you.

I was fortunate enough to talk with Jon Paris who is the CEO and co-founder of and I uploaded some of our Skype conversation to my YouTube channel. Here he tells me about what makes Astrid so unique:

Share Your Lists

One of Astrid’s many unique features is that the app is social.  What that means is that you can share your lists with other people.  For example — my friends and I always keep an agenda when we are getting together so we don’t forget what we need to tell each other.  Nerdy but efficient!  How many times have you had lunch with someone and said “I knew I had more to tell you! But I can’t remember!”  Well if you share lists in Astrid (like my friends and I now do) you won’t ever forget.  You just add to the list as you think of things and everyone can view them.

This also works great for families.  If you want to keep a shared list of items that you need to get at the grocery store and update it before your husband heads to the supermarket — you can do that and it will update in his Astrid list too.  Amazing!

One of the other things these shared lists do — is motivate you to get the right things on your list.  Here’s Jon’s take on that:

To see more of my interview with Jon and learn about his own list-making techniques, what’s in store for Astrid’s future and how the cute little octopus came about — check out my YouTube Channel.

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  1. Laura
    Laura says:

    This is great! Thanks for the information – I look forward to checking out this app! (It will be a great way for me to keep track of my group exercise and Zumba classes!) Love the interview snippet, too! As always, an informative and helpful post!


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