Reasons to Take a Staycation


For the whole summer, everyone is daydreaming about jetting off for a beach getaway. I bet very few of you dream of staying near home for your vacation, but don’t sell it short! In hindsight, it’s easy to overlook all the bad parts of a taking a trip – the delayed flights, missed connections and lost luggage.

So next time you think you need a break, consider taking a “staycation” instead. This could mean that you stay in a hotel just down the road, or it could mean that you look to buy a “holiday home” near you. This way you’ve always got a place to go on the weekends or somewhere to use if you have guests staying with you.
  • Save Money: One of the benefits of staying home is that its free! No airfare or hotel necessary — the two major factors in a vacation’s budget. You can even indulge in few fancy restaurants or concert tickets, and you’ll still come out saving a ton.
  • Save Time: You’ll save time planning, packing, and doing research since you’re on home turf. Also, you won’t have to spend any time traveling or adjusting to time differences or dealing with jet lag. You can start relaxing as soon as you clock into your staycation!
  • Be Less Stressed: Without the traveling part, your staycation will be virtually stress free. You won’t have to worry about catching flights or navigating once your plane lands. And, there’s no stress in preparing for the trip.
  • Enjoy your city: Living in York, I know there are countless tourists eager to see what’s in my backyard. A staycation is the perfect opportunity to see another side of your hometown. Try out being a tourist for a few days and see the sights — you’ll walk away with a better appreciation for where you live.
  • Friends & Family: When you leave town, you usually can’t take your friends with you. But if you opt for a staycation, you can plan a fun night out and spend time with some of your favorite people.
  • Comfort: When you stay in your own home, you get all the creature comforts that go along with it.
  • Cross Something Off Your List: A staycation is the perfect opportunity to cross an item off your Bucket List — there’s nothing to stop you! Try out some of those local restaurants you’ve been putting off, or knock a few books off your Must Read list. You could even catch up on your household to-do list.

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