Use The Sun To Charge Your Phone

charger 1 I have been known to manage aspects of my personal life, professional life, and even this blog from my cell phone. It is true that the more our phones are capable of, the more we use them. And the more often we use them, the faster the battery drains. However, the flip side to that is: if you’re dependent on your phone, it’s even more important to keep a charge. There are loads of different solar batteries that you could (for example, you could use something like this deep cycle solar battery), however, you just have to find the right one for you.

This week, I’m putting an end to the 10% battery warning and featuring the Solar Window Charger from XD Design as my Fab Find of the week. This smart and versatile charger is so great, I even bought one as a gift! Because what good are fabulous things if you don’t share them?

Here is why I find this charger fab:

1. It’s solar powered, meaning you can refill its charge over and over again without ever needing to be near an outlet. Imagine powering your gadgets for an entire week camping in the woods. Now that’s what I call 21st century roughing it!
2. It’s friendly to the environment – and every little bit helps!
3. The charger has a USB output, so you can use it for your cell phone, GPS, e-reader, or any other electronic device.
4. It can both power your device while exposed to the sun, or save up the current for later charging on the subway.
5. It has a sleek design and easily suctions onto any window, making it look nice in my car, my office, or even my living room!

charger 2












Solar Window Charger from XD Design, $70


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