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Blinkist app (Photo Credit:

Blinkist app (Photo Credit:

There are so many books on my reading list, that are sadly still waiting to be read. I’ve been reading a lot of non-fiction lately like “How to Make Every Man Want You” by Marie Forleo and “Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier” by Ari Meisel. But between work and my day to day schedule, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and enjoy a book in it’s entirety.

However, I recently discovered a new solution to my problem– the app Blinkist!

Blinkist works the same way as sites like Cliff Notes by providing a quick and short synopsis of a book—this time on your iPhone or iPad! The app takes the full text of a non-fiction book and turns it into quick snippets of information. Rather than scrolling through pages and pages of text, Blinkist gives you the most important information from a text in just fifteen minutes! Here are some of the perks Blinkist has to offer:

1.     The books are put into categories, helping you to find what book you’re searching for easily. There’s even a productivity and self-help category!

2.     The information is divided into chapters. On average, each book has eight to 10 chapters. This helps divide up the information, making the story really easy follow.

3.     There are only about 250 words per chapter, so it only takes about two minutes to read each chapter and 15 minutes to read an entire book. What a time saver!

4.     It summarizes key messages from the book and even includes passages from the text, so you can grasp the information in just minutes. You’ll be able to quote specific passages, as if you read the full text!

5.     You can access Blinkist from a web browser or mobile device, so if you’re busy like me, it’s perfect for when you’re on the go!

6.     Subject-matter experts are the ones translating the information into simple explanations, which makes the information trustworthy and much easier to follow.

7.     They even offer the first 3 days free! After that, it is $4.99 per month. It’s definitely worth a download to see if you like it!

Now I can finally check some of those books off of my reading list!

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