Breather App Gives You A Break

Photo Jun 25, 5 22 27 PMSometimes it’s hard to get a minute to yourself — to think, to breathe or even just to zone out. So I tried out a new app called Breather. It’s an iPhone app which describes itself as a quiet space in the middle of the hustle and bustle. On Breather you can book a room in New York City and Montreal where you can meet clients, work, or relax. It costs $25 per hour. Breather rooms are designed to give you the perfect time-out experience; whether you need fast WiFi, a desk or a comfortable couch to kick back and read on.

Overall I was very impressed with my free trial hour. I booked a room near where I work in Rockefeller Center, which is an incredibly busy area. It was amazing how quiet the room is considering I was right in the middle of Midtown. I almost forgot where I was. It was easy to check in using the app and all I had to do was show my ID to the doorman at the building and he allowed me up to the suite. When I checked in, I was given a pin code to get into the actual suite. I got to relax, chat with a friend on the phone and answer some emails. I definitely plan on using this service again, and I would recommend it if you need to be more productive and get away for just a few minutes.

Here is a list of ways you can use a Breather room:

Photo Jun 25, 5 22 14 PM1. Important Calls – There are some calls that you feel like you can’t make at work, but they can’t wait until you get home. Maybe you’re conducting a phone interview and you don’t want to talk about sensitive information like salaries, or you want to talk to a client without the office background noise. I used my hour for a call and it was nice to relax and focus on the conversation at hand.

2. Take a Break from Sightseeing – Over half a million tourists visit New York City every day, often trying to cram as many activities in as possible. So it’s easy to forgot to take a break. Breather gives you a place to stop and eat lunch in peace and plan out the rest of your day.

Photo Jun 25, 5 24 44 PM3. Commuters – If you live in New Jersey or Long Island it’s quite possible that you will have to pop into the city every couple of months. If your looking to kill time between meetings or you need to send a few emails before you get the train home, then you might consider using a Breather room.

4. An Alternative Meeting Place – If you wish to have a meeting outside of the workplace, you’ll probably go to a restaurant or a coffee shop, but are these really the best places to go? Going to a restaurant means frequent interruptions from well meaning wait staff and at a coffee shop you might have to fight a hipster for the chance to charge your laptop. Breather rooms are a great place to conduct a meeting in a relaxed environment, without having to deal with the general public. But you do have to pay a fee. But depending on what you need to get done during that hour – the fee might be worth it.


What would you use Breather for?


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