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Any season is great for list-making but summer is especially perfect. There’s always so much I want to do and hopefully, the weather cooperates. With a busy schedule and summertime just around the corner, it’s a great time to make a list of goals to accomplish by the end of the summer.

My Summer Goals

1. Go to the beach at least two times. I grew up near the beach on Long Island and strangely enough, I haven’t been on the sand in the summer in a few years. I must remember to take a beach chair with me the next time I go so I at least have a bit of protection from the sand! As much as I love the beach, there isn’t anything worse than being covered in a large amount of sand.

2. Read two fiction books. I spend a lot of time reading lots of non-fiction for work and my own research that some of the stories I love to get lost in getting put on the back burner. Right now I’m reading Emily Giffin’s “The One & Only” and I have a few others on my list. Check them out on GoodReads.

3. Go wine tasting. Definitely a must! There are so many great summer wines that I don’t want to miss out. It’s always fun to take a day trip with some friends to the vineyards on Long Island or New Jersey, or even Upstate New York.

4. Do some one-on-one productivity coaching. More on this in another post but I’m launching an official coaching program to help people do more at home and at work and be less stressed! I’m really excited about it.

5. Decorate my apartment. As you may know, I recently moved into a new place with my hubby and we’ve had some trials and tribulations with the move. But now that things have calmed down I’d really like to make it ours. I’ll be checking out Pinterest a whole lot this summer!

List-Making Food-for-Thought

Did I motivate you to start listing? Here are a few other ideas for your own list for the summer:

Find three ways to donate: It’s important to give back and there are so many ways to do it! Find a few charities and organizations you feel passionately about and find ways in which you can play your part to help. It’ll be rewarding in so many ways!

Get a promotion: Summertime is the perfect time to switch things up in the workplace. Set a goal to move up in the workforce by creating a list of steps to begin working towards. If you’re working hard, those around you will notice!

Host a summer barbecue: Invite all of your friends and family over to enjoy a cookout right in your backyard! It’ll be a fun way to catch up with old friends and enjoy a nice day off.

Plan a day trip: There are so many fun places to enjoy throughout the summer, so take advantage of it! Whether you want to round your family up for a beach day or go to the local amusement park, spice things up a bit and choose a day to plan out a trip of your choice.

Clear out clutter: Make it a fun game to get the family together and get rid of some of the winter stuff that is weighing you down. You probably won’t care as much about that sweater now that it’s 90 degrees out!

A List Is Not Enough

Just having this list isn’t enough. Because once I finally get a free day, it seems as though I always want to relax and do nothing! Here are a few ideas on how to actually stick to this fun to-do list:

1. Keep up to date with the weather. This will help you schedule your goals accordingly, so you’re less likely to have to cancel plans. If it’s going to be a sunny weekend, plan a beach day or barbecue and leave the cleaning for a rainy day.

2. Write down how much progress you make. This way you can keep your goals fresh in your mind and be reminded of how much more you need to get done in order to achieve your goals.

3. Talk about it. As soon as you let others know your goals, it’s as if you’re making a pledge to get it done. Spreading the word inspires and motivates you to work hard in order to accomplish your goals. And you may even find some help along the way.

4. Visualize it. Whenever you’re lacking motivation, picture how accomplished you’ll feel once you’ve achieved your goal. This will keep you on track.

5. Go with the flow. Be willing to be flexible. If change comes at you, don’t get frustrated, just keep working towards your goal! (This is the hardest one for me!)

What are your summer goals? Comment below!

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